Our strawberry is well known by its quality and ability to remain fresh and intensity of its taste even after being deep frozen and processed. Thanks to its characteristics our strawberries can be used for different purposes: for production of high quality jams and marmalades as well as sweets and juices. In addition to the industrial processing, strawberries are commonly used in the households for making a variety of products.
Thanks to very high quality of land, excellent weather conditions and high availability of water for irrigation, highest yield and extraordinary quality of products are almost guaranteed. Plantation is equipped with most modern fert-irrigation system for irrigation and plant nutrition and three water wells. Capacity of this system is 275 liters of water in second, what is probably the biggest capacity of individual plantation in this area. After picking, strawberry is cooling in cold store for 3 degree of Celsius, and available packaging is: carton board, wood boxes, and plastic boxes, weight 0.250 kg to 10 kg.

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